Senior Living

At CS Flooring we understand that today’s seniors have many choices in deciding where to live. Often, the deciding factor in that choice is the look and feel of a community.

To attract new residents, spaces must combine the best features of home and hotel. All aspects of the environment must work together to create a tranquil space with the ambiance of a refreshing retreat.

Senior living flooring faces tough demands and experiences heavy wear. It has to stand up to these challenges, and must provide a surface that contributes to the safety of residents and staff. Reducing resistance to walkers and wheelchairs, minimizing slips and trips, and reducing the impact of falls are top priorities for senior living flooring.

CS Flooring is the largest flooring service center in the St. Louis area. We offer a full array of high-performance flooring products that will enhance the appearance and appeal of your facility, and ensure the safety of your staff and residents.

Experience. Knowledge. Selection. That’s why St Louis senior living community managers choose CS Flooring!

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