Caring for Your Carpet

Caring for your carpet

Residential carpets usually “ugly out” before they wear out. Daily use and improper cleaning methods are the source of the problem. Try these tips to extend the life of your carpet:

  • Vacuum regularly, at least once per week. High traffic areas every day, medium traffic areas twice each week. “Beater-bar” vacuums are recommended.
  • Change the bag on your vacuum regularly.
  • Clean up a spill immediately after it occurs.
  • Use professional or do-it-yourself hot water extraction (steam cleaning) when special cleaning is needed. Over-the-counter shampoos tend to coat carpet fibers with a residue that attracts and holds dirt.
  • Move furniture at least an inch or two from its original position when you vacuum to avoid prolonged crushing of the pile. Plastic or rubber coasters under furniture legs also help reduce crushing.
  • Rearrange your furniture periodically to change the traffic pattern and allow the carpet to wear more evenly.
  • Place a rug outside doorways to reduce dirt tracks, especially during bad weather.
  • Draw shades or draperies where the sun beats in to reduce the chances of fading.
  • Cut — do not pull — long yarns so they are even with the pile.
  • Don’t worry if new carpet sheds for several months. This is normal and happens because loose fibers become curled into the carpet pile and do not surface until the carpet is vacuumed.
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