Trends in flooring

The pandemic has made significant changes in how we live, and that is driving new trends in multifamily flooring choices. Areas that used to be for sleeping or relaxing are now being used for offices, team meetings and other work-related activities. So when considering flooring updates, properties are trending towards more simple, casual color and pattern selections.

According to Christi Hitch, vice president of business development at Bentley Mills in the September issue of Floor Trends1 magazine, flooring choices are “…a little bit less edgy than what they were because it needs to be a more flexible space”.  She goes on to say that “…we’re seeing more of softer surfaces…mainly because of acoustics…because there are so many functions that are happening in one space”.

In terms of styles, Hitch says that the popularity of the farmhouse style seems to be declining.  In its place, a “…clean mid-century modern wood…” style is emerging that has a less pronounced grain to it. Herringbone and chevron looks are also going by the wayside in favor of straight, more calming looks.

Hitch concludes by saying, “…people want lighter, brighter spaces because they’re in there longer”.

No matter the trend, CS Flooring has the flooring you need to achieve the design look you want for your multifamily property. Contact us for a quote today!

1Zappia, Anna, Sep 6, 2021, A Glimpse into the Future for Multifamily Floors, Floor Trends, online,, accessed 9/17/21